amazon fundraising calculator

Double-click the white box in the calculator below to enter your group's AmazonSmile donation amount. 

If your school group is already participating in AmazonSmile, you can use this calculator to figure out what your results could have been under the Associates Program. 

For example, our PTO received about $130 in AmazonSmile donations the first year we joined the program. Since AmazonSmile donates .5% of qualifying purchases (that's just $5 for every $1,000), that means that our supporters spent $26,000 on Amazon. If we had been participating in the Amazon Associates Program at the time, and supporters spent the same amount on Amazon, we probably would have raised between $800-1,200, assuming our referral fees averaged between 4-6% as they do for many school groups. 

$800-1,200 is a lot better than $130 -- especially since these fundraisers are equally easy for supporters.

Don't just settle for doing better than you are with AmazonSmile

Clearly, just by switching to or adding Amazon Associates to your fundraising, you will earn substantially more than you are through Amazon Smile. But what if your AmazonSmile donation checks are really small? It's pretty common for school groups to report earning less than $50 per year through AmazonSmile, which means that family participation is very low.

The good news is there are a number of easy ways to boost family participation and earnings even higher through the Associates Program. For more about that, continue with the Amazon Fundraising Challenge :)