Get More Volunteers Without Begging: Lesson 2.3 - Volunteer Appreciation

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Lesson 2.3 video transcript

In this lesson, we’ll talk about how appreciating and encouraging volunteers throughout the year makes keeping volunteers and recruiting new ones much easier. I’ll also give you some creative tools and recommended resources in the Class Guide to help you do that.

The power of volunteer appreciation

School parent groups are inspired by kids. And powered by caring volunteers. Like you!

Besides being the right, kind, and respectful thing to do and making us feel good when we do it, showing appreciation is essential to keeping volunteers and attracting new ones.

Volunteers who feel valued are much more likely to volunteer again and to consider increasing their involvement.

Including accepting leadership roles. Publicly recognizing and thanking volunteers, during remarks at meetings and events, or through schoolwide announcements, or at an annual volunteer appreciation event, helps in two ways:

1 – It makes volunteers feel appreciated

2 – It sends a message to all families that volunteers are vital and really appreciated

Public recognition isn’t what motivates most volunteers, of course. It’s nice to be thanked in public, especially when we’ve gone above and beyond or even waaaay beyond.

But many volunteers will tell you that they do what they do for the kids. Helping them enjoy school more, learn more, do more – and just be happier. And that their smiles are all the thanks they need.

Even so, a sincere thank you or nice job or other encouragement, from one volunteer to another, no matter how simple, is always appreciated. And your group should commit to making sure it’s a regular and routine thing.

My guess is this is another area where you’re already doing a lot of good things. So the goal here is to build on the good you’re already doing. Because there is no downside to making sure all volunteers feel fully appreciated. Only upside.

Make volunteer appreciation a high priority

Make it a priority for all leaders to thank and encourage the volunteers they work with during the year. Nice people that they are, they’re probably doing this a lot. But the goal should be to make sure that everyone gets thanked, no matter how small the task, even if it’s just a simple, sincere thank you, face to face, or by email, or a text, or whatever, whenever they help.

Some groups find it useful to ask one or more leaders, like a volunteer chair, to make sure everyone gets thanked at some point. Either at a meeting or appreciation event, or by receiving a note or small gift.

But you really can’t thank people enough, as the saying goes, so encourage all leaders to keep the appreciation flowing throughout the year.

It’s the kind, respectful thing to do. It feels really good. And it makes keeping and attracting new volunteers easier and easier.

Ready-to-use volunteer appreciation resources

I’ve created some fun, eye-catching animated videos to help you show appreciation for volunteers on social media or by email.

You’ll find links to these resources and more in the Class Guide.

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See you in the next lesson!

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