Get More Volunteers Without Begging: Lesson 6.1 - Make it easy to say yes and sign up

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Lesson 6.1 video transcript

In Lessons 4.1 and 4.2, we looked at how leadership and helper volunteer roles could be broken into smaller parts to make them manageable. This lesson will show you how to make it easy for parents to sign up for those opportunities.

Making it super easy for parents to sign up for PTO volunteer opportunities

Offering a wide variety of options for helping at school and outside of school makes it easier for parents to fit volunteer roles into their busy schedules.

The larger the task or event, the more you will probably have to break it up to match volunteer availability. For more information about those steps, please check out the Lesson 4.2 video and the Class Guide.

When you’ve figured out your volunteer needs, create clear, specific job descriptions that are as brief as possible. Give parents enough detail to know if a job fits their schedule and what their main responsibilities would be. Once you’ve written the job descriptions, you can make it really easy for people to sign up online or on paper.

Using online sign-up tools to get more parent volunteers

Online sign-up tools make it easy for groups to reach parents, track sign-ups, and update volunteer openings throughout the planning process. They make it easy for parents to review and sign-up for opportunities, and the automatic calendar reminders help ensure that volunteers show up when needed.

Online sign-up tools basically work the same way. You enter job description details into the software to create an online form that lists your jobs. Then you share that form through all available online channels, like your group’s web page, email, and social media.

I have to say, I’m always excited to see how quickly the sign-ups grow after I send an email to families. Everyone who opens a sign-up form can see who has already signed up, and that helps create a snowball effect.

Using paper sign-up forms to get more parent volunteers

As much as I love the ease and effectiveness of online signup tools, I also recommend offering paper sign-ups. My school groups have found that if we don’t offer a paper sign-up option, we lose some possible volunteers due to technology and other barriers. Offer both options to reach the most parents.

You can share paper-signup forms at meetings and by sending them home with students. A volunteer can also enter paper responses into your online sign-up tool, so you can easily track all sign-ups and openings in one place.

To help you make it easy for parents sign up to help with tasks and events, check out the recommended resources in the Lesson area and Class Guide.

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