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Way too many school group leaders are struggling to get enough volunteers, especially for leadership positions. They're burning themselves out trying to fill the gaps, all for the sake of the kids.

That’s why I created this new class.

To share the solutions that I’ve learned from smart, dedicated PTO leaders, in my town and across the country, with other smart, dedicated PTO leaders – like you! 

Easy-to-follow, fun-to-watch video lessons

Each animated video lesson is packed with fun images to communicate how-to steps and examples in a clear, entertaining way.

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Time savers + Stress savers

The class also includes...

  • Done-for-you notes - The downloadable PDF Class Guide includes a detailed summary of each lesson, so you can just relax and absorb the video.

  • Ready-to-use recruiting tools - Get access to one-of-a-kind volunteer recruiting videos and time-saving marketing templates and resources so you can start getting more parent volunteers right away.

  • Personalized coaching to solve your challenges faster - Your situation is unique. Let me help you tackle your challenges faster, with less stress, through unlimited email coaching for you and your fellow volunteers. (Coaching calls by phone or video are also an option!)

Class Curriculum

Below is the complete list of lesson videos in the class. To watch the videos for Lesson 1, click on the video thumbnail images.

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Section 1: Strong volunteer mindset – Creating a feeling of shared responsibility among families for the PTO work that benefits everyone


Lesson 1: Get ready to succeed

Lesson 1.1: The right mindset for success (Click the video thumbnail image to watch)

Lesson 1.2: Four essential leadership principles (Click video the thumbnail image to watch)

Lesson 2: Ask everyone to do something and appreciate everything

Lesson 2.1: Send a powerful positive message

Lesson 2.2: Volunteer pledges

Lesson 2.3: Volunteer Appreciation Day is every day

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Section 2: Volunteer friendly planning – Minimizing the number of volunteers you need to succeed and making it easier for more parents to volunteer

Lesson 3: Making it easier for your group to succeed

Lesson 3.1: Reduce the volunteer hours you spend to achieve goals

Lesson 3.2: Work “smarter” to save volunteer hours and stress

Lesson 4: Making it easier for more parents to volunteer

Lesson 4.1: Make Board positions more manageable

Lesson 4.2: Make other leader and helper roles manageable

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Section 3: Positive persuasion – Persuading more parents to help


Lesson 5: Persuading more parents to lead

Lesson 5.1: Ask more parents directly

Lesson 5.2: Brainstorming leadership candidates

Lesson 5.3: What to say to get more Yeses

Lesson 5.4: Answering objections and handling Nos in a positive way

Lesson 6: Persuade more parents to help with events and tasks

Lesson 6.1: Make it easy to say yes and sign up

Lesson 6.2: Motivate parents to take action

Questions? How can I help?

If you have any questions, please contact me! You can also learn more about the class, including what other school volunteer leaders say about working with me, by clicking here.