School Fundraising with the Amazon Associates Program

An illustrated guide for PTOs / PTAs

Want to see more?  Check out this blog post  for lots more Amazon Associates school fundraising results from PTO / PTA and other school groups. 

Want to see more? Check out this blog post for lots more Amazon Associates school fundraising results from PTO / PTA and other school groups. 

Did you know that PTOs and PTAs across the country are raising hundreds to several thousands of dollars a year through Amazon fundraising?

I didn’t. Our PTO was raising about $130 per year through AmazonSmile. Not a lot, but it’s free money, right? I just wanted to know how we could get a lot more of it.

Much better than Smile /
It’s a no brainer / Easy money /
Highly recommend /
Definitely worth doing /
Extremely lucrative / Super easy /
It really works
— What PTO and PTA volunteers say about Amazon Associates fundraising

So I looked into what other school groups are doing, and before I knew it, I had a list of over 350 PTOs and PTAs fundraising through the Amazon Associates Program - a program that's as easy as AmazonSmile, but pays MUCH more

I learned a lot from these school groups, including these key facts:

  • Amazon's Associates Program is great for PTOs/PTAs.
  • Amazon's "how to" information on Associates Central, however, is not great for PTOs/PTAs.

That’s why I created this handy, illustrated guide to Amazon Associate fundraising for PTOs and PTAs.  This fundraiser is too good for school groups to miss out on because they don't have time to waste figuring it out. This guide is your shortcut!

The easy-to-follow guide for PTOs/PTAs that's missing from Amazon Central

School Fundraising with the Amazon Associates Program: An Illustrated Guide for PTOs /PTAs, The shortcuts you need to start and grow a profitable school fundraiser fast. By Jen B. Cosgrove. Downloadable PDF guide.

This illustrated guide will

  • Speed you through the steps of launching your own profitable Associates Program fundraiser

  • Help you avoid mistakes that could keep Amazon from approving your account or cause them to close it.

  • Help you max out earnings.

What this guide includes

An easy-to-follow Blueprint showing you how to set it up on your website while following Amazon's rules and boosting earnings.


Step-by-step illustrations for speeding through sign-up, setup, combining with AmazonSmile, boosting earnings with Amazon Lists and more...

Time-saving Amazon Associates Checklist & Glossary Fuzzy on terms like EIN and W-9? The Glossary has you covered.

Key Amazon rules that every PTO / PTA should know to avoid closure of high-earning accounts. 

Screenshots of a checklist created to help PTOs / PTAs and other school groups join the Amazon Associates Program plus a glossary of terms related to Amazon Associates Program, Amazon Smile, and Amazon School Rewards.

Sample email and social media marketing messages and strategies to help you grow earnings year-around.


"Why do I need this guide? Can't I just figure it out myself?"

Absolutely! You would probably discover the same thing that I and other PTO / PTA volunteers learned, though.

Amazon Associates fundraising is very easy to set up and keep going -- if you have all the right steps and information at your fingertips. Getting all the information that you need, however, is trickier. There is no handy “Guide for PTOs and PTAs” on Amazon Associates Central or

The information that non-profit school groups need, which is quite different from what most businesses need, is scattered all over the place.

Make that was scattered all over the place. That was before I...

  • Scoured Associates Central and the web for the info any school group would need.
  • Collected fundraising results and tips for success from PTOs and PTAs across the United States.
  • Created easy-to-follow images that show you how Amazon fundraising works for PTOs and PTAs and exactly how to get started.

Now, all the steps and tips you need to start and grow your own Amazon Associates school fundraiser are neatly packed into this illustrated guide. This shortcut was made for you!

Launch your own profitable Amazon fundraiser today! You'll find everything you need in this downloadable file. 

Just in case you're wondering...

Sharing is good, within your group - Yes, you can share this guide with the other school volunteers in your group. Other groups must purchase their own copy. 

14-day Money-back guarantee - If you're not fully satisfied with this guide, I will gladly refund your money. :)

Questions? Happy to help! Just send me an email using the link below.