Direct Donation FUNdraiser Kit

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Direct Donation FUNdraiser Kit


The easiest, tried-and-true big money school fundraiser you’ll ever do! Everything you need to set up and launch a successful, hassle-free direct donation school fundraiser. With this kit, you’ll start with a proven, high-profit PTO fundraiser and add exciting incentives and smart marketing to max out family participation and donations. Get ready to raise the money you need for your school, without the hassle and selling of traditional fundraisers!

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The key to a successful PTO direct donations fundraiser is to add exciting fundraising incentives and smart marketing to boost results.

With this Direct Donation FUNdraiser Kit, hitting your PTO fundraising goal will be easier than ever.

Direct donations fundraisers are:

  • A great way for school parent groups to reach a big fundraising target (thousands to tens of thousands) in a pretty short amount of time (often just a few weeks).

  • Easy on PTO volunteers and families -- especially when you have this kit!

  • Popular with families and other donors who want the group to keep 100% of profits and are tired of selling things.

  • Exciting community-building experiences for everyone thanks to fun, results-boosting challenges and incentives that won’t hurt your bottom line.

This kit includes everything you need to setup and launch a successful direct donation fundraiser:

  • Templates

Direct donation PTO fundraiser kit templates - Donation fundraiser letter samples, thank you letters, fully editable.
  • Fully editable fundraising template letter + easy-to-follow steps for tailoring your fundraiser.

  • Family donation thank you letter + thank you letter/tax receipt.

  • Business prize donation request letter

  • Business donation thank you letter template

  • Fundraiser information letter for teachers to help get them involved.

  • Incentive strategies that will max out family participation and donation totals.

  • 88+ Fundraising incentive ideas that boost results and excitement without hurting your bottom line.

  • Surefire marketing plan for motivating busy parents.

  • Recommended resources for increasing donations by accepting credit card payments.

  • Email support - Every group has its specific challenges, so please feel free to contact me with questions!

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This kit comes from my 8+ years of experience as a school volunteer leader helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars using a wide variety of fundraisers, including large and small direct donation campaigns.

As an active volunteer leader, I’ve helped plan and carry out product fundraisers, fun runs, “thons,” auctions, carnivals, tournaments, talent shows, raffles, passive fundraisers, spirit wear sales, restaurant fundraisers, and more. So, I’m excited to share direct donation fundraising with you, because it has been the easiest way – by far! -- to earn big money for schools and have a lot of fun doing it!

Have questions about this kit? Or other PTO challenges? You can always reach me by email using the envelope icon below. Or message me on Facebook! (Be sure to follow the School Volunteers Share Facebook page).

I’m here to help :)

Jen Cosgrove

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Sharing is good, within your group - Yes, you can share this guide with the other school volunteers in your group. Other groups must purchase their own copy. 

14-day Money-back guarantee - If you're not fully satisfied with this guide, I will gladly refund your money. :)

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