About School Volunteers Share and Jen Cosgrove

Welcome! My name is Jen, and I was inspired to create this website by caring, creative, stepper-uppers like you.

I'm lucky to live with my husband and son in Longmeadow, MA, where I've served as a school volunteer leader for the past eight years. During that time, I've helped raise mountains of money for our schools through annual appeals, auctions, fun runs, phone-a-thons, product sales, talent shows, raffles, sponsorships, passive fundraisers, and more. I've planned events, organized volunteers, created websites, built databases, and cranked out enough emails and flyers to burn out three laptops (okay, spilling a drink on one didn't help ;).

Several important things have become clear to me as a long-time school volunteer

  • Helping schools provide the experiences and resources that allow our children to be all they can be is very rewarding work.
  • School volunteers are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, super helpers I've ever met. 
  • Even super helpers need help!

I really appreciate what you do

Saying "yes" to volunteering can be a lot like saying:


"Yes, I will help build an airplane in midair. Short on time, crew members, and fuel? Challenge accepted!"


Being short on people and resources is a way of life for volunteer groups. It's also why proven strategies and tools for getting more done with less are so valuable. That's why I created School Volunteers Share.

I've learned a lot of really helpful stuff from other school volunteers and from my own adventures in airplane building and flying (and crash landing :0). School Volunteers Share is my place to share fundraising tips and tools that will help school volunteers experience the same success and avoid the same pain.

School Volunteers Share resources

I am always adding to the site. For now, be sure to check out:

  • Amazon school fundraising - Everything you need to set up the highest earning Amazon fundraiser for your school. (Spoiler: It's not AmazonSmile.)
  • PTO / PTA marketing videos - Share these attention-grabbing animated videos with families to grow your membership and fundraising.

My goal is to make School Volunteers Share as useful to you and other school volunteers as possible. So let me know if you have questions or feedback. I would love to hear from you!

Your fan,

Jen B. Cosgrove